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Archive for November 2018

Three Ways to Keep Your Cholesterol in Check During Thanksgiving

High cholesterol is usually one of those things we all know a little about, but rarely anyone pays enough attention to.  Unfortunately, when overlooked, ignored or dismissed, high cholesterol can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and even death. The good news is that high cholesterol can be reduced (and kept under control) by making a…

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Four On-The-Go Snacks to Help Lower Blood Glucose and Cholesterol

This fast-paced lifestyle we’re leading contains considerable amounts of stress and unhealthy decisions. With so much information, responsibilities, and details that we have to think about, it’s no wonder we don’t always make the healthiest choices. Spending superhuman amounts of energy to accomplish everything expected of us, both our body and mind suffer. High blood…

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Go Epic Health and the Mid-South Center for Prevention & Wellness Conducting Clinical Research on Cholesterade®

TAMPA, Fla. (November 8, 2018) – Go Epic Health is conducting a clinical trial at the Mid-South Center for Prevention & Wellness in Memphis, Tennessee on their all-natural cholesterol-lowering product CHOLESTERADE®. This new clinical trial will be a double-blind study to test the lipid-lowering effects and long-term cardiovascular benefits of this product across demographics. “With…

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November Newsletter 2018

Putting Cholesterade® to the Test Three case studies are putting Cholesterade® to the test to prove the benefits of our all-nautral high fiber supplement. FInd out more about the research in this Tampa Bay Newswire article. ​ The Dangers of Statins Statins help the production of LDL in the liver to lessen, but unfortunately, statins…

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