Enjoy the Benefits of Fiber With Cholesterade®!


Cholesterade® is the only drink mix that has twice the fiber of the leading fiber supplement, helping lower bad cholesterol and improve digestive, colon and kidney health. The patent-pending Go-Some spheres that deliver Cholesterade® are multi-layered and therefore hold natural acacia fiber at different individual layers within the sphere.  The fiber is sequentially released into the GI Tract so the body can better utilize the beneficial aspects of the Cholesterade’s® unique formula over an extended period of time.


Invented by the late Dr. Cade, who created the sports drink Gatorade®, Cholesterade®:

  • Promotes pro-biotic function helping over all gut health
  • Helps curb appetite safely promoting weight management
  • Helps aid digestion
  • Easily dissolves in liquids

Learn more about the amazing studies and science behind Cholesterade® and Go-Somes technology.


Cholesterade® is a product that fits into just about everybody's lifestyle. Made with acacia fiber, it's a drink mix that is GMO-free, gluten-free, vegetarian- and vegan-friendly, and proudly made in America without wheat, salt, yeast, dairy, nuts, preservatives, animal products, artificial colors or artificial flavors.


Cholesterade® is available in three great tasting fruit flavors:

  • Mixed Fruit
  • Orange
  • Lemon Lime

Simply mix the drink powder into a glass of cold, refreshing water and you're good to go!

It's that easy to get your daily dose of fiber, so what are you waiting for?